The little that is known about "Kaleidoscope" is that it encompasses the Operation of Parallel Worlds. Zelretch himself uses it frequently to move through parallel worlds, though due to his age he cannot use it as extensively as in his youth. Two of his inventions, the Kaleidostick and his trunk, also use the Second Magic to some degree. In hollow ataraxia, Rin Tohsaka attempted to create a "miniature of a miniature" of the Jewel Sword in the form of a pendant that would allow her to observe the 'waves' from parallel universes, but this failed spectacularly.

Multi-Dimensional Refraction PhenomenonEdit

The Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon (多重次元屈折現象, Tajuu Jigen Kussetsu Genshou?) is one fragment of the Second Magic, which is essentially the ability to create openings into parallel universes. One can then interact with the 'other side' through this gap.

The Jewel Sword and Tsubame Gaeshi, Assassin's sword technique, are both capable of causing this phenomenon.

Parallel worldsEdit

Parallel Worlds (並行世界, Heikou Sekai?, lit. "Adjacent Worlds") are the set of extant parallel universes.

Parallel Worlds are normally accessible to others only through the Second Magic; though, in Fate/Extella, Archimedes and Dark Eliza are able to Slide between them by way of a System Administrator privilege granted by SE.RA.PH. Characters of many different settings can interact and gather in Ahnenerbe.

The stories of Kara no Kyoukai and Tsukihime were originally considered both to be small happenings in a single world.[1] Afterward, due to slight differences in the ages of certain people and differences in the makeup of certain families, they can be thought of as subtly shifted parallel worlds.[2]

The world of Notes takes place in an undetermined future where the world dies while humans continue to live on its body, and its current state involves Crimson Moon.

The worlds of Fate/stay night and Lord El-Melloi II Case Files are in the same parallel world; however, it is unclear which route.

The worlds of Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero are different parallel worlds, as revealed in TYPE-MOON Ace Vol. 10.

The worlds of Tsukihime, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, and Clock Tower 2015 exist in the same parallel world, separate from the world of Fate/Grand Order[3].

Fate/stay night UniverseEdit

The three routes of Fate/stay night can be called parallel worlds existing at the same time in some sense. When asked how the routes would appear to Zelretch, Kinoko Nasu stated that Zelretch observing the routes as parallel would make it "true", and that Nasu would prefer that only one route existed instead.[4]

Fate (route)

Unlimited Blade Works (route)

Heaven's Feel (route)

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA UniverseEdit

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA has portrayed two existing worlds, there is the "World of Illya" and the "World of Miyu".

The "World of Illya" is similar to the world of Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero.

It differs as the ritual of Fourth Holy Grail War was stopped before it could even begin.

The "World of Miyu" is different to the "World of Illya".

Pandora hasn't opened Pandora's Box, thus her legend isn't well known to the people.

The Ainsworth Holy Grail War operates on a Class Card system and was founded by the Ainsworth, Matou and presumingly the Sakatsuki.

The World has experienced a shift in the axis of the world and the start of the depletion of its Magical Energy. The world is similar to Notes.

Apocrypha UniverseEdit

The world of Fate/Apocrypha is a parallel world to Fate/stay night where the timeline differs during in the Third Holy Grail War.

The Einzbern summoned a Ruler-class servant instead of Avenger-Class.

The Greater Grail was removed from Fuyuki after the Third Holy Grail War and disappeared for many years.

Moon Cell Holy Grail War UniverseEdit


World lines of the Fate/Extra series

The world of the Moon Cell Holy Grail War shares the same events at that of Fate/stay night up until a certain point until a "certain major incident" in the 1970s that caused the world's mana to start drying up causes it to split off into its own separate universe. As of the 2030s, the world's mana was completely gone.[5]

The "EXTRA" universe is where Fate/Extra takes place.

Rin Route

Rani Route

The "CCC" universe is where Fate/Extra CCC takes place.

Archer Route

Caster Route

Gilgamesh Route

Saber Route

Sakura Route

Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail


Tsuki no Sango UniverseEdit

The world of Tsuki no Sango takes place in approximately the year 3000, when humankind arrived at the peak of its civilization, but is losing its will to keep living.

The soul contains the memories, mind, and magic circuits of a person, and it uses the person's body as an anchor to the world to keep from being dispersed and returning to Akasha. Once the brain and body are destroyed, it is impossible to restore a person's dispersed soul, and even the magical ability of the Holy Grail can't restore a destroyed body. Even if a magus manages to place their soul into a new body, it will either be an inferior copy compared to the original, as in the case of Michael Roa Valdamjong, or the soul itself will eventually begin to rot, as with Zouken Matou.

Heaven's Feel is a magic that allows for the materialization of the soul (魂の物質化, ?), which stops the inevitable dispersion of the soul once it no longer has an anchor to the world, and essentially makes it transcend to a higher form of existence. It is a magic that realizes true immortality by making the soul into a high-dimensional planar being capable of interacting with the material world as a mental body without having to return to Akasha. The practitioner will acquire an unlimited source of magical energy due to the soul becoming analogous to a perpetual motion machine.[2]

The Great Grail uses several parts of Heaven's Feel in an attempt to recreate it in its entirety. Using an incomplete version, it takes a raw soul, raw energy made from spiritual particles, and copies information of Heroic Spirits in order to generate Servants. Rather than being actual resurrection, it is the temporary formation of a soul that does not require a real body, meaning that they are not truly brought back to life. Gaia, considering that they should be dead in the present, considers servants to be a contradiction that must be removed, so they need a constant connection to their masters' magical energy to keep from being erased. After a Servant is killed, the Holy Grail temporarily stores their souls before they are returned to Akasha. In the case of receiving an actual body from the corrupted Grail, they are able to exist for a longer period of time, but they are still considered as not alive and require magical energy to remain in the present world.

During Heaven's Feel, Illya uses an incomplete version of the Third Magic in order to keep Shirou's soul from dispersing after his body is destroyed. While it manages to save his soul, the new container, which she calls "cheap", cannot be fully reproduced from Illya's body. It is small enough to be "plucked" out of a river by Rider, so they have to take the time to find a suitable puppet body for him instead. In such a case where the soul gains a new anchor to the world, anything with similar properties to a human, such as a puppet body or anything else with a brain, the soul will reshape the body according to its memories. This means that the person is now alive, and that the body will bleed, get sick, age, and eventually die. While the person is completely anchored to the body, the soul is actually controlling the body by "remote control."

The existence of Angra Mainyu as the root of all evil, his soul having been turned into an "eternal generator", is an example of what the Third Magic is capable of accomplishing, though that was a result of the wish granting aspect of the Grail rather than Third Magic. Existences like Lugh Beowulf are similar to what the Third can accomplish, but he is a naturally occurring being.

Dress of HeavenEdit

Illya dress-of-heaven

Illya wearing the Dress of Heaven.

The Mystic Code of the Einzbern family, the Dress of Heaven, is the heart that controls the Great Grail that is capable of materializing the soul for several seconds. This allows for the transferral of a soul into another container, such as when Illya places Shirou's soul into a doll in a bad ending.

It has the appearance of a white dress that is made from gold, and is fitted with seven rings that are said to have control over creation and the souls of others. The seven holes on the dress are the transformed rings and with each Servant soul absorbed, one hole is lit. As a person will be turned to gold if in contact with it, its operation must be conducted by elementals, demi-humans or homunculi.

The Dress of Heaven is transmuted from the ether that forms Illya's personal maid Leysritt. Leysritt was previously a candidate for the Lesser Grail, but was deemed a failure. Despite being a failure, the Einzberns capitalized on Leysritt's lingering innate power as a Grail and converted her to a potential Mystic Code that can augment Illya. The moment that the Dress of Heaven materializes, Leysritt ceases to exist.

Fairies (妖精, Yōsei?) are extensions of the planet, nature's sense of touch, that cannot be seen by normal humans, and they lack any sort of human values. There are some fairies born wearing humans' imagination as shells, an example would be the lady of the lake. There are various different types, including those that have the power to interfere with people's memories, and others that are known to be able of crafting Noble Phantasm-level artifacts, with Arondight, Avalon, Excalibur, Gáe Buidhe serving as examples. Such artifacts are engraved with Fairy letters (妖精文字, Yōsei Moji?), one of the lost languages, to show they were not crafted by human hands and belong to those of another world. There are Human-Eating Fairies (食人妖精, Shokujin Yōsei?) in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz, they are Familiars around 20-30 centimeters in height.

Fairies are usually entities that cannot be seen by normal humans, however those who evolve into a magnitude where they can be perceived by people become Elementals and elemental-class incarnation becomes possible. True Ancestors who are, classified as a type of large fairy, would fall into the category of an incarnated elemental. The Foundation of fairies and Elementals are of a Mystery that cannot be reached through magecraft.


Apparitions shaped after the image of fairies

The fairies in Kara no Kyoukai are not true fairies, but rather lower-class spirits shaped after the image of woodland fairies. They are much weaker in terms of raw power, but wield a portion of the original fairies' powers due to wearing fairy-like shells

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